Photo by Erin Trimble Photography

Photo by Erin Trimble Photography


Well hey!
My name’s Hannah.

I’m a creative director living in Louisville, Kentucky. My sister and I started Riley and Ko as a side-gig in 2016. A few years later, it had grown into something we were both really proud of.

I realized that my side-gig was growing and I needed to give it my all. Which brings me here, writing my bio, rambling a bit. I love creating custom pieces that have true meaning for my clients. Weddings are a bit of a passion of mine - and not for the lavish, over-the-top qualities of them. Apart from marrying the love of your life, your wedding is one of the only times that you’ll get to hand-pick invitations, signage, and more - that all reflect who you are as a couple. And that’s something worth celebrating in itself.

So uh… why branding AND events? Here’s how I like to think about it: Your wedding or event is really a brand in itself. It’s cohesive, demonstrative of you (and your honey), and something that you’re presenting to the world. The only difference is your wedding will begin and end and a company brand will not. Easy peasy?

Things I love:

Golden retrievers, Brussel sprouts, pampas grass, deckled edges, fun invitation wording, my hubband, quirky fonts, the align tool (designers, ya feel me?), black beans, curly hair, big blankets, live music

Things I don’t:

Wearing shoes, stuffy wedding invitations, paper cuts, chewing sounds, stressful wedding planning, painting my nails, red roses, needles, small talk, boredom, being alone for more than 3 hours