riley and ko laura hannah schiller brewer sisters louisville kentucky
riley and ko laura hannah schiller brewer sisters louisville kentucky

Riley + Ko

Hi there! We're the sister-friend team that together make Riley + Ko. We started formally working together in 2015, but in reality, it's been since '93. Our combined love of letters and being a small part of a happy time in our clients' lives are what drive us to create. Whether that means your wedding invitation suite, signage, or a small quote that hangs above your bed, we're honored to contribute. 

Together, we're big fans of chai tea, tacos, park walks, and a big 'ole glass of wine. Oh and dogs. Did we mention that our business is named after our dogs, Riley and Dakota? They were the best of friends and we would love to show you all 1,800 pictures we have of them sometime. 

Laura Brewer

Laura started practicing calligraphy in 2013, and something about it just stuck. When she's not lettering, you can find her working at a local nonprofit, hanging with her hubby and dog, traveling, and enjoying the simple things in life - like chocolate.

Hannah Schiller

Hannah is a Graphic Designer with a passion for letterforms. Starting out with hand-lettering back in high school, she jumped on the calligraphy bandwagon a few months after Laura picked it up. Between her job as a creative director and lettering, she fills her days making Snapchat Geofilters, eating black beans, and wrangling her two puppies.